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June 27, 2007

I dream in FBD

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I was just surfing on and I was looking at the dishwasher magnet page and I remembered a dream I had last night. I think it got started because this past weekend my brother Brett said to me “We need more magnets!” (Sara, his new wife, quickly reminded him that they have 2 pairs of summer magnets — flower pots and the dragonfly/butterfly combo.)

Anyway, the dream was that I was going through some box in my craft room and I came across all these different summer magnets I had made — I remember an ice cream cone pair in particular.

Since I just started making the magnets last October (my pumpkin ones were quite cute), and I haven’t had any time to create too many new summer ones this year (besides the flower pots and bugs), I can’t imagine where that would have come from, but it does mean that there are more ideas in my head for next year…

Incidentally, I just made the pumpkin and turkey magnets for our house. After the wedding and honeymoon, I’ll work on some for my family.

You can order dishwasher magnets here.

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