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June 27, 2007

I dream in FBD

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I was just surfing on and I was looking at the dishwasher magnet page and I remembered a dream I had last night. I think it got started because this past weekend my brother Brett said to me “We need more magnets!” (Sara, his new wife, quickly reminded him that they have 2 pairs of summer magnets — flower pots and the dragonfly/butterfly combo.)

Anyway, the dream was that I was going through some box in my craft room and I came across all these different summer magnets I had made — I remember an ice cream cone pair in particular.

Since I just started making the magnets last October (my pumpkin ones were quite cute), and I haven’t had any time to create too many new summer ones this year (besides the flower pots and bugs), I can’t imagine where that would have come from, but it does mean that there are more ideas in my head for next year…

Incidentally, I just made the pumpkin and turkey magnets for our house. After the wedding and honeymoon, I’ll work on some for my family.

You can order dishwasher magnets here.

June 11, 2007

New nav

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So I just spent all afternoon not making invitations, as I probably should have, but instead updating with a new navigation structure that’s hopefully more user-friendly (not to mention more scalable as I continue to post the new projects I keep coming up with).

So check out the new digs and let me know if it’s as user-friendly as I think it is… Don’t be shy!

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